#55 Interview Mikkala Marylin Kissi

(English episode)

Happy Monday! 

I am super happy to be able to share a new podcast interview with Mikkala Marylin Kissi from Copenhagen with you today (in english)! 

She is the founder of Living Yolates, a wonderful holistic training method, where yoga, pilates and dance melt together. 

Besides her personal journey, she will be sharing how: 

- you can understand your body & mind in a deeper way 
- through kinesiology you can understand your feelings through your body 
- you can heal yourself in a more aware way, going through emotional layers, using the body as a guide 
- dancing can support you with manifesting the lifestyle that you really want 
- you can live an intuition centered life 

+ MIKKALA’S NEW YEAR INSPIRATION: why the law of plays an important role in her New Year rituals 

Mikkala is doing her work with all of her being and you can feel that in this episode - it’s full of life, passion and light. Enjoy her divine and helpful wisdom and maybe pick some tools for the start of your 2019.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve, celebrate yourself and those around you.

Much love

Links to Mikkala's profiles: 

Connect with Mikkala and stay up to date about Living Yolates

Website: www.livingyolates.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/livingyolates/
Instagram: livingyolatesacademy